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Our programs at Destiny Starr Academy strive to:
  • Nurture positive self-esteem by providing an environment for successful experiences.
  • Provide an inclusive environment meeting the unique and special needs of all children.
  • Foster responsibility for oneself in self-help, health, safety and interpersonal relationships and facilitate independence.
  • Encourage development of large motor skills through outdoor and indoor activities and fine motor development through the use of manipulative toys, blocks and puzzles and other small tools and writing utensils.
  • Enhance creativity by offering many kinds of materials and experiences in music, art and storytelling.
  • Develop language, literacy skills and multilingual skill and appreciation through stories, music and songs, dramatic play, problem solving, group discussion, and a rich environment.
  • Facilitate cognitive development by broadening the child's experiences to increase their knowledge, concepts and skills.
  • Promote cross-cultural understanding and respect by providing children with experiences in diversity through a multicultural, anti-bias curriculum.


The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Twos translates research and theory from the field of early childhood education into a practical, easy-to-understand approach to working with children and their families. It is a comprehensive curriculum with a clear organizational structure and a particular focus on routines and experiences.

The organizational structure of The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Twos has five components that help you make good decisions about the routines and experiences you provide for infants, toddlers, and twos: Knowing Infants, Toddlers & Twos:

  • Creating a Responsive Environment
  • What Children Are Learning
  • Caring and Teaching
  • Partnering With Families
Curriculum for Toddlers (10111-08)

Toddlers are developing many new skills in their quest for independence - walking, talking, and discovering who they are and what they can do. Encourage their sense of discovery with Curriculum for Toddlers while building vocabulary, encouraging imagination, and personalizing learning. See below for the materials included in this monthly curriculum.

Curriculum for Twos (20111-08)

Constantly in motion, two-year-olds are determined to learn on their own. Provide a rich learning environment that helps them expand their vocabularies, find appropriate ways to express creativity, and safely discover the world around them with Curriculum for Twos. See below for the materials included in this monthly curriculum.

Curriculum for Threes (30111-08)

Build on three-year-olds "I can do it!" attitude through integrated, hands-on activities. Use experimentation and exploration to build higher-level thinking, language, math, social, and motor skills with the fun and challenging learning experiences in Curriculum for Threes.


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